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“NO” is a Good Word

Posted by Dr. Jim Killgore on Dec-1

I saw a raucous 4 year old running like the bulls of Pamplona. Didn’t take a degree in nuclear physics to predict the outcome. True to form, his momentum and his gait got discombobulated and he splayed on the concrete like a spring calf. With a bloodied lip, he looked back at his dad and said, “Boy, life is tough!”
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Kick the Ball

Posted by J. Darien Southerland on Nov-18

If you don’t think timing is everything… well you’re wrong. Stories that many of us were taught as a child included timing. Every time Charlie Brown went to kick the ball Lucy would move it and good ole Charlie Brown would land flat on his back! For many years, I thought I was kicking the ball, but actually I wasn’t even allowed to touch the ball. No matter how hard I tried to kick it, I kept landing on my back. As I lay on my back, I kept watching days pass, weeks pass, months pass and years pass. Next thing I know, ten years had passed. And guess what, I still hadn’t had a chance to kick the ball.
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Think Before We Speak

Posted by Dennis Worden on Nov-3

Abraham Lincoln spent hours preparing his two-minute Gettysburg Address. From time to time I’ve reflected on the impact of those two-minutes in history. I then ask I myself, “How much time and thought do I put into the words I speak?” My words may not have the impact of the Gettysburg Address.
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Daddy, Why Is Grass Turning Brown Again?

Posted by Dennis Worden on Oct-13

I've had the privilege of working with many incredible leaders and thinkers, two of those are my friends Paul Martin and Roy Williams. With fall weather and football season upon us, Paul's blog "Daddy, Why Is Grass Turning Brown Again?" helps us understand the pendulum of life and the changing seasons. Paul Martin is President and Founder of Advocace, Dallas, TX.
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The Aftermath of a Legacy

Posted by Bethany Hunt on Sep-25

What will your legacy be? What did your life stand for? Often people are asked this question and ask it of their selves yet never know the exact answer. However if asked I would have to say this, “I do not have a legacy or do not yet know what it is. Also I do not know what others will say of me, however, I know this, legacies can present itself. If presented it is up to the individual to acknowledge and learn from it as a guide in creating their own legacy.” BG Ad Group is the legacy presented to me.
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