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BG Ad Group Partners with FELD Entertainment

Posted by Ryan Thomas on Aug-25

BG AD Group and FELD Entertainment are working together to develop sponsorship's for multiple family friendly events throughout the Southeast. The events include: Monster Energy Supercross; Monster Jam; Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus; Disney On Ice and Disney Live; Marvel Universe Live and Nuclear Cowboyz. From Disney On Ice’s “Frozen” to Monster Energy’s “Supercross”, these are some of the largest family events in the Southeast market. With over 1.4 million Facebook likes, the “Supercross” is highly popular. “Frozen” is one of the toughest tickets to get in any venue. Contact the BG Ad Group if you’d like to have your company be part of these high impact family events. We’ll be happy to put a package together for you with the multiple FELD Entertainment events we are marketing.
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Four Lessons from “The Intern”

Posted by Grace McMichael on Aug-11

As BG’s first intern, and this being my first internship, I had no idea what to expect coming in. I’m pretty sure they had no idea what to expect from me! Overall, it’s been a pleasant surprise from both sides. I will finish up my fourth week of my five week internship this coming Friday. I’ve learned a lot. Here are four lessons from the intern:
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No one really likes criticism!

Posted by Dr. Jim Killgore on Aug-4

No one really likes criticism. Like a visit to the dentist, it’s part of life. You don’t want it, but know it’s needed. The right kind of criticism can help us grow personally and professionally. The wrong kind can leave us in a fetal position quivering in a corner. How do we know what to listen to and what to jettison? Consider The Source. How much value do you put on that person’s opinion when it comes to other issues? Believe it or not, some people actually want to help us grow. If they have enough courage to come to you and share – listen to them. However, if their comment comes in the wake of a grudge or a “put down” – drop it like a disease.
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BG Ad Group says THANKS to our media partners!

Posted by J. Darien Southerland on Jul-25

Saturday, June 28, the BG AD Group staff and media partners from the southeast gathered for a whitewater adventure down the Ocoee River. The class three and four rapids were a challenge for the twenty-eight people gathered.
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The Market Requires Change and That Requires Leadership

Posted by J. Darien Southerland on Jul-8

One of my dog-eared books is “Tribes,” by Seth Godin. I’m going to share this week one short section from “Tribes” then recommend you go to and purchase a copy for yourself. If leadership is the ability to create change your tribe believes in, and the market demands change, then the market demands leaders.
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