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Live Your Values

Posted by Dennis Worden on Jan-26

Vince Lombardi, legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers said, "The objective is to win: fairly, squarely, decently, win by the rules, but still win!" As Partner/COO of BG Ad Group I'm certainly not a NFL professional football player, never have been, never will be. However, I do "profess" to live and work by a set of values. And while the objective is to win, my values, or the values of BG Ad Group should not change, no matter which way the wind blows.
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As a salesperson, it’s not just about education, it’s about the close!

Posted by J. Darien Southerland on Jan-12

After working with a salesman recently, I realized he was an educator and not a salesperson. Here is what I mean by that. I would ask “how are things going?” His response, “well I’m seeing a lot of people, there’s always a crowd.” I would ask, “Well are you getting any of the prospects names or contact information?” The response back was, “There’s just not enough time, there’s just too many people. But I am handing out a ton of company brochures!”
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Ten Things You Must Do!

Posted by J. Darien Southerland on Jan-1

People always ask me, If you started out today as a new account representative for a media company what would you do to set yourself apart for the others? So here are ten things you must do for a gatekeeper.….
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“NO” is a Good Word

Posted by Dr. Jim Killgore on Dec-1

I saw a raucous 4 year old running like the bulls of Pamplona. Didn’t take a degree in nuclear physics to predict the outcome. True to form, his momentum and his gait got discombobulated and he splayed on the concrete like a spring calf. With a bloodied lip, he looked back at his dad and said, “Boy, life is tough!”
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Kick the Ball

Posted by J. Darien Southerland on Nov-18

If you don’t think timing is everything… well you’re wrong. Stories that many of us were taught as a child included timing. Every time Charlie Brown went to kick the ball Lucy would move it and good ole Charlie Brown would land flat on his back! For many years, I thought I was kicking the ball, but actually I wasn’t even allowed to touch the ball. No matter how hard I tried to kick it, I kept landing on my back. As I lay on my back, I kept watching days pass, weeks pass, months pass and years pass. Next thing I know, ten years had passed. And guess what, I still hadn’t had a chance to kick the ball.
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